Bitcoin Wash

Bitcoin Wash

0.2% Fee Bitcoin Laundry Service

Month of January

Thanks to everyone who used our service this year! We laundered over 7,000 BTC to over 2,000 users!


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We will accept your payment, deduct a fee 0.1%, and then forward the balance on to a Bitcoin address you specify.
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Questions and Answers

Commonly asked questions for both new and old users

Q: How many coins do you have on hand? What is the maximum I can launder? What is the minimum I can launder?
A: I got into mining early. Very early. Like CPU mining on an old Celeron yielded 500-700 BTC per day. And I had many more than one Celeron. Unless you have 100,000 BTC, I think we are set! Remember, other you can also receive the coins of other users, just not yourself! You can launder a minimum of 0.10 BTC (otherwise transaction fees outweigh my profits!).

Q: If you have so many Bitcoins why start a laundry service?
A: If I can grow my investment till the time Bitcoin becomes mainstream, then I'm happy to take a 0.1% return on investment over time.

Q: My Bitcoins are hot. I sold questionable items on the Silk Road. Can I still use laundry?
A: That is what laundry is for! Go right ahead. Just know that you are best to send all your coins in one transaction, otherwise you may receive some of your own in a subsequent transaction!

Q: I want to use my coins I bought with funds from my bank account to buy something on the Silk Road. Will you hide who I am?
A: Yes. You will have other people's coins and nobody will be able to link your initial bank tranaction to whatever activity you choose to execute.

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